Apr 10 2019

10 Best Remote Backup Services

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10 Best Remote Backup Services, NEF6.COM

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In our progressively digitized world, hundreds, if not thousands, of digital data files and information are stored on our systems. If you are an individual who stored around 50 to 80 gigabyte of data on your system, there is a 34% probability that you suffered from data loss last year.

In general, a computer user will likely be afraid of a hardware crash that would erase all important files, from financial records to music tracks, business personal contacts to your vacation photos.

The irrefutable truth is that your hard drive that stores your digital material may crash at any moment, not necessarily because of equipment failure, but may be because of natural disaster.

Even though most of us believe that a regular online computer backup is mandatory for data protection, especially for their valuable files, but busy schedule and other priorities causes unnecessary delays.

This is often realized when something goes wrong. This is where Online Remote Backup comes in handy to save the day. Users just need to specify folders on their computers for synchronization.

All the data files in those folders will be automatically archived in an off-premises secured server. Every little revision is stored with a file-versioning option over a secure and reliable platform of remote backup .

Remote Backup Services The List

An extensive range of best remote backup services s are available to cater your requirements, ranging from individuals, SMEs to large enterprises for anyone Online Remote Backup services has proven to be a wise investment.

Given below, is a list of the Top 10 Remote Backup Service Providers . where each provider undergoes rigorous testing against a pre-defined set of criteria at

What actually is an Online Remote Backup?

Online Remote Backup is a technique for off-site data storage, where digital material, including files, folders or even entire hard drives, is backed up regularly on remotely located data servers.

The concept behind remote backup is to facilitate users by securely archiving their data to be recovered in case of data loss by any reason, for instance, theft, fire, data corruption or any possible disaster.

What to look for in an Online Remote Backup Service?

The best Remote Backup services offer a variety of storage options along with supportive features to enhance data protection as well as overall productivity of your organization.

You can select from the offered plans as per your requirements. Let’s now look at some of the prominent benefits you get from an Remote Backup services.

Advanced Remote Accessibility with Secure Remote Backup

User can access their files and folder via any remote or mobile device there is provision for uploading, downloading or even online editing of documents through web interface.

Online Backup Services not just secures your digital material but extend your reach, no matter you are in office, home or on vacations, accessing your data only requires internet connectivity.

Improved Security from the Inside Out with Remote Backup Services

To provide maximum security during data transaction and archiving, best online remote backup services incorporates high level of encryption (AES 256 bit). Primary focus of service providers are secured transfers and isolated data storage, even on shared file server. Data is transmitted via protected encryption layer known as secured socket layer (SSL).

How Good is Online Remote Backup Protection?

It is important to know that how best backup providers protect your data from disaster and make it available for recovery at any moment. These remote backup providers archive copies of your digital material at data centers situated at different locations.

It minimizes the risk of losing your data; you can retrieve and access your data even one or two data centers goes offline.

Remote Backup Services provide Usability with Ease, instantly

What more can you ask from Best Remote Backup provider when they enable you to access your digital stuff from anywhere around the globe with any remote or mobile devices.

You are no more required to backup your revised or newly created documents, music, photos, videos or any other file – every file will automatically sync to your online space, allowing you to recover it any time.

Intuitive interface is provided to further simplify the process; you just need few clicks to utilize any feature by service provider. Syncing process work silently in the background, it won’t consume much processing power and won’t interrupt your work.

File Versioning helps you to keep Multiple Version of your Document

Every revision you made to your documents, whether on your system or via web based interface, best remote backup services will save your file up to defined number of versions. In case you require previous version of some specific document, you can easily retrieve the previous one.

Get Assistance and Support round the Clock with Remote Backup

Adequate help and support is ensured by best remote backup services. which includes user manuals, frequently asked questions and other guides.

In case of any user requires technical support or live assistance; email, live chat and telephone support is also provisioned by best remote backup services.

Remote Backup Services Final Words

Best Remote Backup Services offers an excellent solution to permanently evade the possibility of losing your valuable documents, favorite music tracks, precious photo collection and video clippings from data losses.

No more worries if your hard drive crashes or your laptop is stolen, with best remote backup. you can always access and retrieve your data 24/7 across the globe.

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