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Import car insurance ( Video

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Import car insurance


How to Insure a Japanese Import Car

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  • If you have an imported car, be prepared that an insurance company might not approve you for coverage
  • Get advice from an import car insurance specialist
  • Considering the high cost of import car insurance, compare multiple quotes before deciding on an insurance company

It is important to understand the basics of Japanese import car insurance when purchasing coverage. Understanding these basics can help you find the best coverage for your import that is both adequate and affordable.

There are three basics that play a role in import car insurance that most consumers are unfamiliar with.

These basics apply for Japanese as well as other foreign import vehicles. The following basics will help you be better informed when you search for the car insurance company that is right for you.

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Many Companies Will Say No

It is a misconception that all car insurance companies offer all different types of car insurance– which is not the case. Many companies are hesitant to offer import car insurance for these vehicles because replacement parts are so costly and specialty mechanics are often hard to find.

When filing a claim for a damaged import vehicle, the replacement part may have to be purchased and flown in from another country. Also, the car will need to be taken to a specialty car shop or mechanic who understands your specific import. Both of these things can be very costly.

Most insurance companies know this and don’t want to take the financial risk even for a driver who has a clean driving record and has never been in an accident or had a moving violation.

They prefer insuring domestic vehicles where parts and labor are readily available virtually on every corner.

Due to the scarcity of parts and labor for import cars, many traditional car insurance companies will say no right away because they simply do not deal with foreign cars or imports.

In this scenario, the risks to the insurance company outweigh the benefits to the insurance company. This major difference means that you will have to find a special kind of car insurance company.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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Specialty Companies Are Available

Just because traditional car insurance companies often turn down applications for import car coverage does not mean that coverage is not available. There are several insurance companies that specialize solely in covering import vehicles with the proper insurance.

These types of companies know the ins and outs of the car import business and what type of coverage is the best.

Import car insurance specialists can provide you with a wealth of knowledge about import car insurance. They would know the details and costs concerning:

In order to make a well-informed, good decision, consult an import car insurance specialist prior to purchasing your policy.

Choosing a specialty import car insurance company means that the company knows the financial risk involved. They know the estimated cost for service for a Japanese import or an import from any other country. They often have connections for cheaper parts and shipping as well.

Specialty companies will also work hard to customize your policy. Not every car or driver is alike, so car insurance policies should be customizable to fit the exact needs of the driver. A specialty company will be able to take into considerations you as a drive as well as the specifics of your import vehicle.

Before purchasing a policy, you can check with traditional car insurance companies, but a specialty company will have much more information to provide you about an import policy. No matter what, it is important to shop around and compare prices.

Shopping Around Leads to the Best Prices

Whether you have a domestic or import vehicle, shopping around for car insurance is the best way to find an affordable price.

By nature, import car insurance is going to cost more than traditional car insurance.

The insurance company is taking on a risk that is more costly with an import car. Therefore, monthly premiums are going to be higher.

Because of the higher premiums, you do not want to purchase the first quote you are given without doing some comparing. Comparing what several companies have to offer is important in finding a premium that will fit into your budget. Online comparison tools are an easy way to compare rates and quotes.

Using an online comparison tool allows you to input your pertinent information one time and then to receive several quotes from top companies. Once you receive quotes, you can choose the company that best meets your car insurance needs.

Remember, it may not always be the cheapest quote that is best. You want affordable and adequate coverage.

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