Jan 15 2020

Mailcleaner How-To: Email Spam Filtering, Vermont Law School # Video

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Mailcleaner How-To: Email Spam Filtering, Vermont Law School # Video, NEF6.COM

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Mailcleaner How-To: Email Spam Filtering

Spam Filtering at Vermont Law School

All of our organization’s e-mail passes through an antispam/antivirus filter, called MailCleaner. The filter is set to a fairly high level of filtering, including many of the typical keywords and phrases that spammers commonly use. It also filters on bulk mailings, and other content types. This filtering system does learn on its own via spam ranking and confidence levels, but occasionally needs some intervention when it learns an address that we want to allow through.

VLS Users can access it via with your normal username and password.

Once signed in, you’ll see your quarantine list. To release the message to your inbox, click the arrow icon in the Actions Tab. You will receive the email in your regular inbox.

Next, in the upper right of the MailCleaner screen, click Configuration

Once in the Configuration Screen, you have many options for setting Mailcleaner. For most of us, this gets into the too much information category, so we will skip to the section that most will want to use – White List. This is the place where you can tell mailcleaner to always allow specific addresses. This list will ONLY apply to your own incoming email.

To add an address to your white list, simply enter it in the Address box, then click the Add the address button.

You can also create your own Black list, for spam that somehow manages to get through the filtering. This is done in exactly the same way, just in the Black List screen.

Report Feature – Aggregate Quarantine Report

Log in MailCleaner with VLS username and password

Click Configuration in upper left-hand side

Click Address settings in left-side column

In lower portion of page you will see:
Frequency of Quarantine reports:
For no report select: No report

Alternatively if you would like a report select one of the delivery options:
Format of quarantine report could be set to: HTML
Send reports to this address:
select your email address or alternate email address by selecting: Other

For the rest of the options, we strongly recommend leaving the default settings as-is. And as always, if you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact the VLS Helpdesk.

Please keep in mind that some mail may be continue to be blocked, even if you whitelist it. This could be due to malicious content in an attachment, or even in the body of the message.


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