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Insurance brokers newcastle + #Video

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Insurance brokers newcastle


Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance for the accidental and professional landlord. It provides both buildings insurance and landlord contents insurance of residential property in the UK. Also included is loss of rent cover, property owner’s liability. Landlord insurance is available for Assured Short term tenancy agreements, DSS referrals , asylum seekers , refugees, students and HMOs at a competitive premium. Generous discounts for landlords requiring multiple property insurance , increasing the excess, or with a no claims bonus.

Full Quote for landlord insurance

F or landlords wanting confirmation of the premium for insurance. Enter details to receive statement of facts and then decide to buy online – or call us to discuss insurance requirements or answer any queries.

Over 75 Travel Insurance

Save 10% on our over 75 travel insurance online

Quote ‘PORTWOOD10’
with your travel insurance quote (any age)

Cheaper travel insurance may be available if you call 01207 509446!

As experts in the field of travel insurance for the over 75, we can offer free advice and a range of policies to suit your needs that are unavailable online. Examples of special needs are:

  • Cruises
  • Expensive Holidays needing high cancellation cover
  • Long Stays – no limit
  • Winter Sports – ski-ing etc
  • Trips involving multiple flights
  • Independent Travel
  • Annual travel Insurance
  • Most Medical conditions covered
  • Hazardous or dangerous activities

Key features of our residential landlord insurance

Up to £1,000,000 buildings insurance available online. Quotes for higher buildings insurance available on request. Minimum 6-month rental agreements between landlord and tenant/ organisation responsible for tenant.

One rate for buildings insurance anywhere outside the London Area. Major cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle are lowest rated for landlord buildings insurance. Landlord insurance in London is slightly more expensive – but still competitive.

Accidental damage insurance is available for all tenant types.

Quotes are available for landlords insurance to cover Students.

Quotes are available for landlords insurance to cover Asylum Seekers provided the agreement is with G4S or Local Governments.

Quotes are available for landlords insurance to cover DSS referrals.

Insurance is available for landlords of holiday homes. (Whether the holiday home is for own use or is let out, insurance is available.)

(Landlords renting to people on low income e.g. unemployed, retired where the agreement is between the landlord and tenant are rated at standard rates – the same as those where the tenant pays the full rental direct to the landlord, commonly called ‘professional lets’)

The excess on the policy is very low:-

A standard excess of £75.00 for most claims, £150.00 for escape of water and £1,000 for subsidence.

Save Money by increasing the excess (or to compare our landlord insurance with other quotes). NB the excess replaces the standard £75.00 excess, not added to it.

£250.00 – save 20% (Escape of water excess is increased to £250.00)

£500.00 – save 25% (Escape of water excess is increased to £500.00)

£1000.00 – save 30% (Escape of water excess is increased to £1000.00)

£50.00 – costs 5% more (Other excesses remain the same.)

(Unless insuring portfolios or properties with a very high rebuilding cost, we do not recommend a high excess with your landlord insurance. Most premiums for standard risks are less than £125.00, so increasing the excess beyond £250.00 saves little.

In addition to landlord insurance for buildings and contents the following covers are available: –

Legal Expenses Cover

Loss adjustor cover (appoints a loss adjustor to speedily process your claim and work for you.)

Available to other Intermediaries

Our scheme is available should other intermediaries (sub-broking) or letting/ estate agents (IAR status) request.

Commercial Landlords Insurance

Insurance Quotes for up to £3,000,000 buildings sum insured for most type of commercial property let out e.g. shops and offices, single and multi-tenure risks, unoccupied commercial property, holiday homes, hotels and guest houses. Land owners and resident associations liability must be referred. Quotes can include accidental damage, subsidence, (terrorism on request). All quotes must be referred for confirmation of premiums at the moment.

Commercial Landlords Insurance

Enter sums insured and type of property for immediate quotes. No personal details needed.

Landlords Insurance for multiple properties

Special rates for landlords insurance is available for the professional landlord owning multiple properties on a property portfolio. With a generous discount of up to 20% on standard rates and reduced fees, the premiums are extremely competitive. However we also go the extra mile to make life easier for landlords. All tenancies – standard, DSS lets, asylum seekers, students, HMOs, can be insured.

We will accept new properties, even those unoccupied or being renovated onto the policy.

We only need 3 properties to be covered on this portfolio insurance.

As we quote for all types of tenants, there is no need to have several landlord insurance policies.

Quotes are available online (as is the ability to purchase the insurance) – however we will, of course discuss your needs if you call us.

Full quote and buy landlord insurance for portfolios

Obtain a statement of fact. Either buy the insurance online or contact us and we will discuss your requirements. Portfolios have lower policy fees and generous discounts. All properties must be covered on the same basis i.e. excess and if AD is needed.

Landlord Insurance for non-standard risks

Own a property of non-standard construction? Has had previous subsidence? Is in an area that may be subject to flooding? As well as our own scheme, which will consider each case on its own merit if details are referred to us, we have access to other specialist insurers who can cater for non-standard risks. Please call us with full information including that pertinent to the reason why such a risk is not standard.

Unoccupied Property Insurance

Bought a property to ‘do up’ and then let out? Moving home? Owner died or gone into a nursing home? Our unoccupied property insurance is available for all types of unoccupied property. We cover property that needs renovating, even structural renovations. There are two levels of cover: –

Full – basically the same as a normal landlord insurance policy. To qualify for this level of landlord insurance the property must have 5-lever door locks and window locks, be inspected weekly (and a record kept) and the central heating system either drained or kept on constantly at 15C. Not available for property being structurally renovated.

Limited – generally excludes wet perils. Cover is still much wider than FLEA (that many policies are restricted).

When a tenant moves in – just call us. We will transfer the policy over from being on an unoccupied basis to a normal buy to let policy. There will be no need to cancel the policy and it is extremely likely there will be a return premium

(The policy is available for unoccupied property that is NOT going to be let out – if sold we can cancel the policy, if you move in then we can convert it to a home insurance policy at competitive premiums)

Quote and buy unoccupied property insurance

U se this to obtain a written quote and statement of facts. The insurance policy does not have to be purchased once the quote is obtained. Any queries please call us and we’ll sort out your needs for insurance.

A landlord insurance comparison

To check whether our landlord insurance was competitive we made a landlord insurance comparison on several other landlord insurance providers. The landlord insurance comparison confirmed landlords can save money with our product. Not only that our excesses (when compared to other landlord insurers) are usually much lower – and our product is backed by an ethical landlord insurance provider. Here are the results of our comparison, with examples of insurance for DSS referrals, asylum seekers, HMOs when appropriate. Full results of the landlord insurance comparison are available : –

(results of our landlord insurance comparison were correct at the time, however rates fluctuate and we cannot guarantee that they remain correct.)

Home Insurance – We offer both bedroom rated and sum-insured options.

We also offer home insurance. A special home insurance scheme is available through our scheme provider offering combined buildings and contents insurance from £140.00 – to cover £50,000 contents and up to £500,000 buildings as standard – this policy provides some home emergency cover included in the price. Other policies are available for home owners needing cover over and beyond these standard amounts. We have many other bedroom contracts available if you call us on 01388 607105 and can offer substantially lower prices for homes with fewer than 4 bedrooms or in a low-rated area.

Bedroom Rated

(For customers wanting insurance with no adverse features – maximum one claim up to £5,000 in last 3 years – immediate cover available.).

Sum Insured Rated

(Non standard property, high sums insured etc. As Insurance Brokers we’ll view suitable risks sympathetically. )

Links to pages about over 75 travel insurance

Important Note that could affect landlord insurance policies

Landlord insurance providers are already adding this into their policy terms and conditions.

From October 2015when the premises are occupied under a tenancy or a licence a carbon monoxide alarm must be provided by the landlord in any room in premises which is used wholly or partly as living accommodation which contains a solid fuel burning combustion appliance. This applies to any kind of wood burning stove or an open coal fire. It will also extend to equipment such as a solid fuel Aga in the kitchen. This is already a requirement with new installations of solid fuel burning combustion appliances as under Building Regulations there is a requirement to install a carbon monoxide alarm. This is now extended to any existing appliances already in place before Building Regulations imposed this requirement or where building regulations are not observed.

Similarly the landlord must place a smoke detector on every story on the property.

The landlord is specifically required to carry out a check to ensure that smoke alarms or carbon monoxide alarms installed to comply with the Regulations are in proper working order on the day a tenancy begins where it is a new tenancy. A new tenancy is a tenancy granted on or after 1st October 2015.

Some properties are exempt:

  • A tenancy under which the occupier shares any accommodation with the landlord or a member of the landlord’s family. There must be a sharing of an amenity which includes a toilet, personal washing facilities, a kitchen or a living room but excludes any reference to storage or access.
  • A tenancy which is a long lease or which grants a right of occupation of the premises, i.e. for more than 21 years.
  • Student halls of residence.
  • Hostels
  • Care homes
  • Hospitals
  • Accommodation relating to health care provision

Landlord Insurance Companies

As insurance brokers we also have access to landlords insurance through various companies/ wholesalers

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Insurance brokers newcastle + #Video NEF2.COM

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