Mar 23 2020

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Securican pet insurance


SecuriCan General Insurance Company and PetLynx Corporation: Announcement

CALGARY, ALBERTA and WINNIPEG, MANITOBA–(CCNMatthews – Sept. 29, 2005) – SecuriCan General Insurance Company and PetLynx Corporation announced today they have signed a Brand Association Agreement for the Petplan brand in Canada. Under the terms of this agreement PetLynx subscribers will be able to access Canada’s best medical benefits for their pets directly from their pet record. The PetLynx registry surpassed 98,380 entities on September 15th and has been growing at a rate of more than 4,000 registrations per month.

In addition, SecuriCan and PetLynx will cooperate to design, integrate and provide fully automated evidence of medical benefits structured around the PetLynx Animal Card. The Animal Card is a unique feature of the PetLynx system and provides an electronic passport for each pet. The card allows those with authority to access the pet’s vaccination records, emergency Medilert™ information and Animal record as well as validations for licensing, breed registries, travel permissions, dangerous dog registration and insurance benefits. Once this service offering is complete, the PetLynx Animal Card will also operate as the pet’s Medical & Dental Benefits Health Card.

Integrating insurance benefits with each animal record will benefit pets and pet owners who will be able to ensure their pet can access emergency medical treatment whether or not they can be contacted. This feature adds to the peace of mind already afforded pet owners who register their animals on the PetLynx Automated Recovery System.

By entering into this Brand Association Agreement, SecuriCan also adds its weight to a Canadian alliance that is focused on improving the chances for reuniting pets with their families. The alliance includes SecuriCan, Iams Canada and PetLynx Corporation. More than 10 million pets go missing in North America each year, costing the industry billions of dollars. However, the sense of loss experienced by a family missing a pet can’t be measured in dollars. The partners of this alliance hope to bring relief to this situation.

As Canada’s only federally regulated insurance company specializing in pet insurance, SecuriCan’s vision is to promote responsible pet parenting to Canadian pet owners through a suite of insurance products that assist with the cost of medical care for their dog or cat. In business since 1989, SecuriCan General Insurance Company is Canada’s fastest growing pet health insurance company. Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the company has representation from coast to coast.

PetLynx Corporation is the only provider of an Automated Recovery System in the world. It is the fastest growing provider of recovery services in North America. With PetLynx, a lifetime of protection for a pet and peace of mind for a pet owner costs just pennies a day. Hundreds of times a day, the PetLynx AutoMatch™ search engine provides the general public, pet owners, shelters, veterinarians and municipalities with matches for the lost or found pets they process. PetLynx Corporation is based in Calgary, Alberta.


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