Mar 25 2020

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Andhra bank health insurance policy


Andhra Bank Arogydaan Family Health Policy

In this article I am giving an account of Andhra Bank Arogyadaan Family health policy. Through this article, I am giving details about this health policy regarding how to join this policy, rules and regulation of the policy, what are the facilities you get through this policy, how you get benefited through this policy etc.

Health is the prime concern of every citizen of the present day World. We don’t face any problem till our body maintains good health. But once you start to face health problems, your family life becomes disrupted due to your increased financial needs. There are so many health policies in the market but Andhra Bank Arogydaan provides health insurance policy to its customers through United India Insurance Co.Ltd. with low yearly premium rates.

Andhra Bank Arogyadaan Family Health insurance Plan

This health insurance plan works for the entire family. This health policy has two plans. Plan A (Family size 1+3) works for 2 adults and two dependent children. Plan B (Family size 1+5)parents of the account holder also will be covered. Insurance coverage for both the plans starts from 1 Lakh to 5 Lakhs. There is a super top up option is also there where one can insure upto 15 lakhs.

Yearly premium for plan A is Rs.1801 for lakh, Rs.3393 for 2 lakhs, Rs.4734 for 3 lakhs, 5906 for 4 lakhs, 7080 for 5 lakhs.

Yearly premium for plan B is 3038 for 1 lakh, 5720 for 2 lakhs, 7979 for 3 lakhs, 11923 for 5 lakhs.

If you opt for super top up policy, you can have an advantage of getting medical insurance cover beyond the thresh hold level chosen. Actually super top up premium rates are lower than the main policy.

Yearly premium for plan A super top up policy is Rs.4158 for 3 lakhs, Rs.5169 for 5 lakhs, Rs.8090 for 7 lakhs, 10337 for 10 lakhs, Rs.14607 for 15 lakhs.

Yearly premium for plan B super top up policy is Rs.5168 for 3 lakhs, Rs.5843 for 5 lakhs, Rs.8989 for 7 lakhs, Rs.11461 for 10 lakhs, Rs.16180 for 15 lakhs.

Salient features of the policy

    Account holders of Andhra Bank can join this floater family health insurance policy.

Customers can opt for single insurance cover from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs for the entire family. With super top up option, one can insure sum up to 20 lakhs.

Age limit to join the policy is 3 months to 65 years. It can be renewable life long if renewed every year without any break.

For policy coverage no medical examinations are required.

The policy provides cashless facility for treatment or reimbursement of hospitalization expenses for illness or diseases or injury. The limit of pay will be not exceeding the sum insured for the selected family in one insured period.

Hospitalization of minimum of 24 hour is admissible for payment. Expenses incurred 30 days prior to hospitalization on disease, injury or illness can be considered as a part of claim. But for certain specific treatments like eye surgery, Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Kidney stone removal etc. can be considered for payment even though stay in the hospital is less than 24 hours.

Hospitalization expenses include room rent, boarding expenses, nursing expenses, Surgeon, Anesthetist, Specialist and consultant expenses, operation theater charges, medicines, surgical appliances, blood, X-ray, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Artificial limbs, cost of pacemaker, surgical appliances etc.,

Payment of premium can be through direct debit from bank account.

Cash facility (1% of the total sum insured) is available for free medical check up for every claim free three consecutive years.

Diseases existing prior to the joining of policy cannot be covered in the first 36 months of the policy.

Deduction up to Rs.15000 exempted under Section 80 D of Income Tax Act, 1961.(Income Tax benefit)

For hospitalization, the policy holder can select any net-working hospitals or non-net working corporate hospitals.


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