Mar 26 2020

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123 home insurance


123 home insurance

We do Term and Whole Life products through multiple carriers.

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Crop Insurance

We do Multi-Peril crop insurance as well as Hail and Fire policies. Multi-Peril policies covers all forms of loss associated with crops, such as drought, flooding, prevent plant, re-plant, pests and quality issues. There is also an element to multi-peril crop insurance that guarantees revenue for the crops.

Hail and Fire policies are self explanatory.

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Farm Insurance

Farm insurance covers the homes, structures, equipment and animals associated with the farm and farming operations. It covers the liability associated with farming, including pollution.

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Auto Insurance

Whether you drive a sports car or an old pickup truck, it’s likely that the law requires you to purchase auto insurance. But there are many options over and above your state’s mandated minimum insurance. Buying additional coverage could save you money on repair bills or cover a judgment against you in the event of a lawsuit.

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Business Insurance

Business insurance is both property and liability coverage for any business. We offer a broad array of coverages for different business types, including , but not limited to, restaurants, contractors, welders, landscapers, professional offices, retail stores, and many more. We even have markets for very specialized, hard to cover businesses.

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Home Insurance

A home can require a tremendous investment of money, time, and energy. Homeowner’s insurance is designed to protect that investment by insuring the actual structure or structures and the personal possessions in and around them, and providing liability protection for the residents. Through homeowner’s insurance, you can protect yourself and your family from enormous loss in the event of damage or destruction to your home and property.

Little History

La Porte Insurance Agency started as La Porte County Mutual Fire Insurance Company and was chartered for business in 1897. We had a long history within the county with many different familiar family names being involved on the board. In the early 1980’s, La Porte County Mutual Fire Insurance Company was purchased by Indiana Farmers Mutual Company, out of Indianapolis. In 1985, Indiana Farmers Mutual rolled the La Porte office back out as an independent insurance agency. TJ Hague is the 4th owner of the agency since it was rolled out, and has owned it since 2007.

We Are Growing

ln 2016, an agreement was made that TJ Hague, would purchase out Jason’s interest in the corporation. TJ is now over both Hague Insurance and La Porte Insurance Agency.

Meet our insurance agency.

Our motto is just not a tag line or an advertising gimmick, it is who we are. We truly care for each person, we take the time to listen and then find the very best protection for you, based on what you told us.

The agency was originally started by Harry Lizenby with a small company called Rochester Farmers (who we still represent today). His territory was Jefferson Twp in Pulaski County.

Harry’s son, Robert, took over the agency. Along with his wife Naomi they ran the agency from their home in Jefferson twp. From there they grew the business and expanded the company base. They added Indiana Farmers and also expanded their territory.

The Lizenby sold the agency to John Hague who took over and moved the agency to 113 E. Pearl Street in Winamac, Indiana. From there he and his wife, Mary Ann, grew the agency and added several new companies.

Jason Hague, John and Mary’s youngest son, joined the agency.

Hague Insurance bought Siemens Insurance Agency located in Medaryville, Indiana. Hague Insurance combined with LaPorte Insurance Agency of LaPorte, Indiana.


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