Apr 9 2019

Bathroom, Balcony & Shower Leaking Repairs Service in Canberra

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Bathroom, Balcony & Shower Leaking Repairs Service in Canberra, REMMONT.COM

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SealMasters ACT Bathroom resealing Canberra Balcony Waterproofing

We are a locally owned family operated leaky shower repairs business: 10/27 Cromwell Circuit, Isabella Plains ACT serving the canberra region since 1972. A leaking shower can remain undetected for a long time causing damage to walls and sub floor structure which can end up causing thousands of dollars to repair. Do you suspect you have a leaking shower and are not sure?

Address: 10/27 Cromwell Circuit, Isabella Plains ACT 2905.

phone: 0414 468 308

Call sealmasters today for leaking balcony repairs, bathroom leak repairs and we will give you a free in home assessment of your shower. Give yourself piece of mind and call SealMasters ACT now to arrange your assessment – Can we fix your leaking shower? Absolutely.

Bathroom sealing services. Bathroom resealing Canberra. We service canberra, tuggeranong and ACT region for all your resealing waterproofing needs 10 Year guarantee, bathroom waterproofing wetarea sealing balcony sealing Canberra shower repairs we fix showers, Balconies, retaining walls, cellars, below ground rooms,concrete roofs, most leaking work done. SealMasters ACT Expert in bathroom and balcony sealing all kinds of wetarea sealing resealing in canberra ACT with over 30 years experience in shower and balony waterproofing, sealing tuggeranong Canberra we repair and fix leaking showers balcony resealing waterproofing without tile removal bathroom and shower repairs.

To begin fixing your leaking shower repairs Canberra bathroom resealing specialistsSealMasters ACTbathroom resealing canberra starts by removing all existing silicone. We will then apply our uniquely formulated epoxy-based sealant to all junctions and joints, and then seal up remaining areas with silicone all wetarea sealing.

SealMasters ACT offer an effective and long lasting waterproofing service and all of our work is guaranteed. We service across Canberra and regional areas.

The Epoxy Sealant is resistant to mould and grease, and is guaranteed not to peel – unlike regular silicone – making it safe to clean, even with a scourer. It is also guaranteed not to crack or deteriorate, and is designed to withstand considerable amounts of structural movement. During this process SealMasters ACT will also service your leaking taps canberra shower repairs, by checking and changing the washers and ensuring everything is in proper working order.

  • Repair leaking shower and taps
  • Bathrooms and bathroom sealing resealing canberra balcony waterproofing
  • Balconies, balcony sealing resealing
  • Retaining Walls balcony waterproofing and wetareas
  • fix leaking, Canberra
  • Below ground rooms waterproofing all wetareas
  • Concrete roofs
  • Shower Base repairs fix leaking shower canberra affordable shower repairs
  • Tile Seepage. fix leaks – no tile removal
  • Grout Seepage fix leaking showers without tile removal
  • Ponds & Water Features repairs wet area sealing
  • Rising Damp and Mould solutions canberra fix mould issues

    Owner operated business with 30 years experience providing professional, honest and ethical waterproofing services in canberra ACT.Contact Daniel for expert Waterproofing Services today! Leak Repairs ACT without the expense of Tile Removal, Fix Your Leaking Shower Permanently.

    Welcome To SealMasters ACT

    Seals leaks – no tile removal

    For jobs both big and small – call SealMasters ACT Waterproofing services – for all of your leaking shower waterproofing requirements across the Canberra and regional area. We offer effective and long lasting shower leak repair and waterproofing services and all of our work is guaranteed.

    A locally owned, family operated Canberra company can and will provide more conscientious, caring leaking shower repairs and balcony repairs in Canberra than a big, national company. SealMasters ACT has a vested interest in the communities where it lives and works and will ensure its customers in the Canberra and regional communities are well cared for.

    We offer an affordable shower repairs solution that covers leaky shower repairs, leaky retaining walls repairs, below ground room leak repairs, leaking balcony repairs, bathroom leak repairs, leaking concrete roof repairs and other water proofing services.

    If there should be a plumbing issue while we are assessing your leak, SealMasters ACT also collaborate with Water Tight Canberra a locally owned Canberra plumbing Company who are very professional and provide excellent plumbing services to their clients.

    About The Proprietors

    Daniel and Mia, proprietors of SealMasters ACT, have been proudly serving the Canberra region since 1972 in the construction industry and have specialized in solving leaking issues. They are known for their quality and affordable waterproofing and balcony leak repairs service in Canberra.

    Daniel has had 30 years experience in Australia and Europe where he worked in a twelfth century city constructing below ground cellars and rooms. In addition, he repaired leaking concrete roofs and below ground structures. He has been trained by a quality ISO rated company to seal leaks in showers and balconies without tile removal.

    Why choose SealMasters ACT?

    If your leaking below ground rooms, leaking shower base or any other leaking area is left untreated, it can cause considerable amount of damage to other areas that mainly includes the grout, tiling, and vanities. Also adjoining walls door frames and flooring can all absorb water and rot. And if your shower is on the second floor, water can leak into the room below compromising the structural integrity.

    SealMasters can fix all your leaks without removing any tiles and our service comes with a ten year guarantee. If you suspect your shower is leaking call us today to book your free inspection. We offer the highest quality leaky shower and balcony repairs in Canberra at the most competitive rates. You can spend hundreds now or thousands later SealMasters your friend in the shower!

    Organisations Memberships:

    Daniel is a proud member of AiPol HIA

    Certifications Training

    Gripset Applicator Training ‘Class C’

    Daniel DeSmet – HIA Waterproofing – wet area inspection and defects

    Mia Norris – HIA Waterproofing – wet areas

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