Apr 8 2019

Foster, Graham, Milstein – Calisher

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Foster, Graham, Milstein - Calisher, REMMONT.COM

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Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury cases can be complicated and frustrating experiences for injured people. Our firm specializes in numerous types of personal injury cases including those arising from automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death and DUI related automobile accidents. Personal injury cases in Colorado demand that an experienced attorney evaluate all potential forms of recovery, including claims against the negligent party’s insurance company, corporate coverage, excess policy coverage under an umbrella policy, and in many instances our client’s own underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage.



Founded in 1999, FGMC (then named Foster Graham) was quickly recognized as one of Denver’s “up and coming” law firms by the Denver Business Journal as a result of the firm’s entrepreneurial approach and fresh perspective to effective and innovative legal representation. In 2001, Denver Business Journal featured FGMC as emerging “Young Guns” on the local legal scene. By delivering client-oriented results on a consistent and cost-effective basis, FGMC has grown into a unified team of more than 25 experienced attorneys spanning multiple practice areas. We look forward to continuing to provide the highest level of legal services for years to come.


Keirstin K. Beck

Kari Jones Dulin

Melanie R. Macwilliams-Brooks



We are here for all aspects of your life, both personal and professional. We represent our clients in the most aggressive, skilled, and efficient manner possible. Collaboration and teamwork amongst our lawyers and staff are essential components of FGMC’s success.



Denver Car Accident Attorney On a weekend road trip to Las Vegas, Kayleah and her friend were rear-ended by another driver. They were stopped for a traffic jam when the woman hit them going 65 MPH. Kayleah and her friend were both taken to the hospital, along with two.

Victim of a Hit Run in Denver Several years ago, David was the victim of a non-contact hit and run accident when another motorist ran his motorcycle off the road. Although David went to the ER for his injuries, he was released a few hours later. His accident.

We represented a young lady who was struck by a truck while walking to school. She was obeying all the traffic signals but the driver was not paying attention. Fortunately she was not killed but she did suffer a right clavicle fracture which needed surgical.

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